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Dhillon’s Brewery is founded on a deep appreciation for the art of brewing. We have been producing innovative and delicious beers with only the finest ingredients since 2015.

Our team is proud of the beautiful craft beers they’ve brewed, which were conceived with sincere respect for nature and the welfare of our neighbours and are always served with genuine warmth and hospitality.

The brewing, design, and business practices here have been recognised with over a hundred awards since 2015. Our history shows that we are committed to providing services of the highest quality and innovation. And it demonstrates our zeal and drive to win.

Community Driven

Dhillon’s Brewery has supported local and international nonprofits and the arts community through donations since 2015. Over the next decade, we plan to increase our philanthropic efforts. At Dhillon’s, we have been committed to being involved with and supporting the communities of the people who enjoy our beer. We accomplish this by engaging in meaningful interactions and creative forms of charitable outreach.

We are a British craft brewery run by a close-knit group of family and friends. While our blended family has grown considerably since the company’s inception, the company’s warm and familial culture has remained the same.

Totally Independent

Since we’re not beholden to any beer industry giant, we’re free to experiment, create, and care for our customers as we see fit. Every decision we make and every pint we brew is based on a genuine passion for craft beer shared by all of us here at the brewery. Our unwavering commitment to our fellow craft brewers is a cornerstone of our independence. Dhillon’s Brewery is committed to generosity as a core value.

We are proud to be key contributors to the regional tourism economy, especially in the current economic climate. We’re very loyal to our city, passionate about our local community, and have a huge interest in supporting local businesses and causes close to our hearts. We’re proud partners and supporters of Coventry City FC, Coventry City Girls & Women FC, Coventry Blaze, Corley Cricket Club, Earlsdon RFC, Planet Ice, Ballroom Climbing, Coventry University Rugby, and Birch Tree Farm.
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