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Ketel One 70cl


Ketel One Vodka is made from carefully selected European wheat and is produced following a process based on very advanced distillation techniques, which are intertwined with tradition. The final product is exceptional and decisive, with a soft final taste.

The fragrance, the taste, the feeling define Ketel One Vodka and make it unique. The scent highlights an immediate freshness, deriving from the citrus notes and honey. Once tasted, Ketel One Vodka offers a very lively memory to the palate. Structurally, it is as soft as silk, leaving the tongue with a delicate and pleasant aroma. The finish is characterized by the evidence of the quality with which Ketel One Vodka is distilled.

Each bottle is the result of a long history, which has its roots in 1691 and the organic wheat is grown in the winter months. The distillation takes place by means of the column technique, which manages to characterize Ketel One Vodka with the purity elevated to the nth power. Distillation is carried out through a process in which vodka passes through ten copper stills, one of which dates back to 1800. It is here that the essential oils and the water meet to give life to the Ketel One Vodka.



  • Colour: White crystalline
  • Smell: Slight mentholated balsamic notes and floral notes combined with liquorice and toast.
  • Flavour: Sweet Notes alcoholic citrus tips appear. Reappear in the background touches of liquorice and a sense palodul with slightly smoked. The finish is silky and pleasantly oily.

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Additional information

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